five little things.

getting the nursery set up.
aren't you so proud? 

a clean house.
the whole nesting thing just kicked in yesterday...i'm hoping it's a sign?

watching the dark clouds roll in...a storm's a comin'.
i've heard low pressure induces labor, true or false?

shopping for teeny things at target.
thanks to my wonderful friends and a very generous gift card...i love you guys!

going on a date with my handsome husband tonight.
i am one lucky girl.

what little things made you happy this week?

p.s. i think baby might need a sophie...such a sweet little classic toy.


Amanda said...

True...my friend who is a labor and delivery nurse says so. :).

And you my friend look fabulous. Love the baby bump pic.

Bridget said...

Thank you for sharing about your husband. Its strange, I had never heard of bells palsey before my husband got it, but we are now finding out it is quite common. I too know the power of prayer! XOXO

Have fun on your date night tonight! Woohoo! :)

Bridget said...

MmmmmK, just realized your date night was probably LAST night, lol. Still, hope it was great.

Kalli Ko said...

We have a Sophie, we've had 2 actually, the first is lost somewhere. They make great chew toys, that's the truth, even though they remind me a little of doggie toys.