for now.

he is my baby.

it may seem strange to say, but i know he can sense the changes that are coming to our family.
there have been lots of extra 'snug' requests and even more tenderness than usual.

the other day, out of the blue, he said:
"mom, i weally weally wove you so much."

i'm telling you, this boy melts my heart.

people always say there's nothing like the relationship between a mother and her son.

and i totally get it now.


ALI said...

Hi! He is such a sweet buddy. Um...when are you due? I'm guessing any day?

Bridget said...

Just ran into your blog today and loved my visit here. You seem so very sweet! Best wishes with number 3!

Natalie said...

So sweet. I love my little boys and agree that there is nothing like a mother/son relationship. Though I of course wouldn't know how it differs from a mother/daughter relationship...you're lucky enough to have both=) I can't wait to see what you're having! Speaking of babies, I need to update my blog header. Though of course that can wait if your life is to crazy right now. I'll email you.

Ro said...

Oh My, our baby Mitch is looking more grown up each day. If this isn't the cutiest picture, with just a little (I will get you) in his eyes. Can't stand our grand children growing up so fast.

Grandpa sure had fun with them yesterday.

Love all of you so very much,
Grandma Ro
Grandpa Clayt