he {or should i say "we"} did it!

congratulations on accomplishing one of your life dreams.
you have shown me that with hard work and determination, 
anything is possible!

watching you cross the finish line is something i will never forget!
it was so exhilarating and inspiring to see you achieve your goal.

i really am so proud of you sweetheart!

now, would it kill you to sit still for a minute?


Nick Paige & Josh said...

amen! you rock. but sit down now! :)

Amy said...

oh jill i feel ya!! Your sweet hubby there has put ideas into my sweet, dear husbands mind. he is now looking to buy a bike and do a triathlon. these guys never, and i mean never. stop.

but congrats marc. {even though i do think your a tiny bit crazy for biking 112 miles. maybe its just cuz im jealous?? hmmm. . . i think not}! but i still think it's awesome you accomplished it!

love you guys!

Ally + Blake said...

Wow. That's all I can say. But look at you! You just had a baby and you are handling three beautifully it looks like. That is awesome. I keep telling myself I'll start running again someday. I don't know how those Ironman people do it except with supportive families and friends!

tharker said...

So cool!!

Chanda said...

VERY impressive!

Amanda said...

and in the 90+ degree weather too.
that is quite an accomplishment!

Roberts Fam said...

congrats to you both! Great job to both ya!

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