a good day.

it's 4:47pm.

all the laundry baskets in and around the premises are currently empty 
{a small victory which i  shall savor for precisely ten more minutes 
until the dirty children come in from playing in the hose all day long, inexplicably covered 
in ketchup and peanut butter....and the laundry baskets are once again filled}.

the house is relatively clean.
{just don't look too close}.

i'm listening to the audio book bossypants 
{and trying not to pee mine
as i listen to tina fey read some of the funniest junk ever written.

i've got a tiny, freshly-bathed nugget resting comfortably in my lap as i type this post.
{one of the highlights of my day, i might add}.

i actually know what we're having for dinner
{bonus: it's healthy and delicious}.

so, i'm going to go ahead and call this a good day.


lynette said...

a good day indeed!:)

Ro said...

My goodness, little Ava looks so content, I believe she is learning to be as smart as her mommy on the computer. And is she ever growing. I hate it, I want her to stay a little baby....

Grandma, Ro

Heidi and Judd said...

Love it!! Ava reminds me of Lexi at that age! So cute! We are counting down the days until we see you guys again!

The Webb Family said...

Yes, that it a great day! Sometimes I just want to lock my kids outside so my houe will stay clean and the laundry baskets are empty for just 30 minutes!!

Hil said...

Um, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it is more than just a good day... it's a FANTASTIC day. Props to you for sure. I can't even accomplish two of those things on a good day.

p.s. Ava is so stinking cute. I think maybe an arranged marriage between her and my Tiny Man is in order? ;)

allybench said...

I also accomplished the same feat today. What a great feeling! Cute picture! I saw you at the Shakespeare wedding and was going to say hi and then you were gone- so Hi!

Jill said...

ally: hi back! wish we could have chatted the other night. hopefully, i'll run into you again soon :)

tharker said...

Um...that is definitely a good day!!

Let's see. It's Monday. My laundry baskets are full. I don't know what we're having for dinner. And now I wish I were listening to Bossypants...(love Tina Fey!).

Yeah, your day was much better than mine is shaping up to be ;)