eight is great.

tiny is growing up.
and there doesn't seem to be a single thing i can do to stop it.
eight whole months have passed already.
she's beginning to crawl now 
and i swear i can actually hear her curiosity growing.

this sweet child brings so much joy to our family.
her happy, content little soul is just what we needed around here.
she fits right in.
the final piece in our family puzzle.
she completes us.

and the old saying goes...

last the best of all the game.


Jessica Washburn said...

What a doll. Love the tights! I feel the same about our last one. :) xo, Jess

The Venutis said...

AHHH....Love, and I feel the same way about Italia. They just bring that extra something that completes a familys. She is sweet!

The Venutis said...

correction family not familys : )

Amanda said...

It must be something about #3. We can't get enough of ours. She is a ray of sunshine!! I agree...they grow WAY too fast!

Heidi and Judd said...

So cute!! I love her outfit! Glad we can share stuff like that!