part two.

i am thankful...

16 ::  for my husbands' employment.
i realize what a tremendous blessing this is, 
especially during these times of economic hardship.

17 ::  for modern day conveniences:
electricity, running water, shelter, food and medicine.
hard to imagine life without them.

18 ::  for the men and women who so selflessly serve in
the various branches of the military.
home or abroad, their service and sacrifice will never go
unappreciated by me.

19 ::  for the families of those serving in the military.
there have been times where i had to navigate without
husband for a week or so and, man, it was hard.
the spouses who manage households and children alone for
months and even years at a time
are my heroes.

20 ::  for my freedom.
i can worship how and when i want.
i can express my opinions.
i can vote.
i get to decide how to live my life.
i'm grateful to live in a free country.

21 :: for the change in season.
the smell of fall.
is there anything better?
hot cocoa and pumpkin spice bread.
cozy cardigans and college football.
the golden sunlight and changing leaves.
clicking on the fireplace for the first time.
a warm bath and an extra blanket.

22 :: for lazy mornings spent in our pj's.
only having one in school all day means
spending my mornings with a squishy baby in footed jammies,
and a curious little boy who asks a lot of questions.
about everything.
they will never be little again,
time whizzes by.
a backyard picnic and legos?
wiping sweet potatoes off of chubby cheeks?
folding teeny-tiny socks and onesies?
sounds like a perfect day to me.

23 :: for date nights.
i am a believer.
alone time with your spouse is essential.
i am so very fortunate to have my sweet in-laws nearby,
who are willing to step in and give us a night off.
it's amazing how sharing sushi and inside jokes
can totally recharge your batteries.

24 :: for the internets.
how did i ever live without google?
for reals.

25 :: for the kindness of strangers.
simple acts of kindness never go unnoticed.
i'm so appreciative when someone sees that
i could use an extra hand {or three} and takes
the time to open the door for me,
let's me move ahead of them in line at the grocery store
or offers to take my shopping cart back.

26 :: for people who share their talents.
we all have them, you know.
my life has been blessed because so many of you
are willing to share your talents with me.

27 :: that i've been able to travel to many different places
and experience different cultures.
it has taught me a great deal about humanity,
that we share many more similarities than differences.

28 :: for my dishwasher, my washing machine and my dryer.
sure, i complain about never-ending piles of laundry and dishes
as much as the next gal.
but, at the end of the day, i'm grateful for these machines
that really do most of the work for me.

29 :: to live in such a beautiful community,
filled with people who are willing to serve each other.
i love walking into a restaurant and running into people i know.
there's a friendly vibe here.
people know each other and care about each other.
they volunteers for community events
and help with city clean-up days.
i'm grateful to be surrounded by such good people.

30 :: that i never, ever have to shovel snow.

what are you thankful for today?


Jessica Washburn said...

Those are some good ones. Funny because I was just making a thankful list too. :)



allybench said...

Can I say dido to list number two as well. You are so great at putting your thoughts in to words.

Roberts Fam said...

your friendship

Leenie said...

I loved reading through your gratitude list. I couldn't help but smile and nod at most of them. Thanks for sharing. :) Today, I am so thankful for hot chocolate. And finally being able to share hot chocolate with the little ones now.

Amanda said...

Love your list. I am thankful for when it does snow (and it snows here a lot)...the snow blower.