part one.

in honor of the month of thanksgiving,
part one of the thirty things i am thankful for... 
one for each day in november.

i am thankful...

01 ::  for my better half. 
and for the knowledge that we will be 
laughing together through the eternities.
i'm pretty crazy about that guy.

02 ::  that i get to be a stay-at-home mom. 
i really do see this as one of my greatest blessings.
there's nothing i'd rather be doing.

03 ::  to live in st. george, utah. 
i pinch myself every day when i stop and look around 
at the natural beauty that surrounds me. 

04 ::  that i can smell a baby anytime i want. 
really, is there anything better than the smell of a freshly bathed baby?

05 ::  for food. i love to eat. 
i love growing it, picking it, cooking it and eating it.
i love it all.

06 ::  for the ability to push my body with exercise 
and have it surprise me with just how much it is capable of doing.

07 ::  for friends
who inspire me to be better
and to do more.

08 ::  a lovely, modest home that meets our needs.
sure, there are bigger, fancier homes.
but i like mine just the way it is.

09 ::  for my health.
it's such an easy thing to take for granted.

10 ::  for my faith.
it is everything to me.
i know, with every fiber of my being, that it is true.
and it guides and blesses my life every single day.

11 ::  for an incredible neighborhood.
there is nothing better than feeling safe, secure 
and happy with where you live.

12 ::  for bedtime rituals.
sure, it can be a production to get kids into bed. 
but once they are, there is nothing sweeter 
than listening to their simple, sincere little prayers.
melts my heart.

13 ::  for incredible parents and in-laws.
they lead by example and always have.
i look up to them and admire them in more ways 
than they could ever know.

14 ::  for outstanding teachers.
i have been so impressed with my childrens' teachers.
they love what they do and it shows.

15 ::  for my siblings.
you would never know by the way i treated her when we were young,
but my sister has become my closest friend
and someone who i genuinely admire.
and my baby brother has grown into an amazing man.
he's smart, savvy and a wonderful father to his little girls.

up next :: part two.

what are you thankful for today?


Steph said...

today i'm thankful for you. your listening ear, and your wise advice. I love you

Anonymous said...

I think my list would be pretty close to what you wrote. There is SO much to be thankful for! Thanks for reminding me.

jenjamin said...

Such a sweet post . I could ditto all you said. Thanks for sharing!