how sweet it is.

we recently lost our sweet grandma barnson.
she was so dear to us and such an incredible woman.
she had a way with children that was unlike anything i have ever seen.
she loved my little ones so much and they always looked forward to going to visit her.

grandma b. had quite an impressive collection of singing stuffed animals. 
everyone who knew her, knew how much she loved them.
i think the only things she loved more, were jewelry and bingo.

she was the most popular lady in her retirement home.
at dinnertime, she would bring all her singing critters to entertain her elderly pals.
they adored her, as did we.

when we would go and visit her, my kids would pull every single one down and 
turn them all on at once.

it was madness. pure madness, i tell you.
imagine, if you will, an enchanting medley of "chicken dance" {halloween style}
combined with the sweet melody of 
"you are my sunshine" accompanied by "i'm too sexy" 
with a little "how sweet it is" sprinkled in, for good measure.

it was an auditory delight.

but they got the biggest kick out of it, so we just gritted our teeth, 
smiled and did our best impression of two people enjoying something. 

from the time mitchell could speak, he would sing, "don't spank your baby."
needless to say, we were equal parts alarmed and entertained by this.
we couldn't figure out where he had heard it or what he was trying to say.

one particular visit, mitchell looked up at the shelf, pointed to the bear that sings,
"how sweet it is" and said, "don't spank your baby!!"

we pulled it down, turned it on and proceed to laugh 
harder than we've ever laughed in our whole entire lives.

mystery solved.

thank you for the memories, grandma b.
until we meet again.