five little things.

making me happy today...

01 ::  backyard picnics with my two favorite tiny people.
do you think they look alike?

02 :: the long awaited return of run-outside-in-the-morning weather.
oh, how i have longed for you. that treadmill business is no bueno.

03 :: a monday night bbq and hike around the red rock playground known as pioneer park.
and bringing home all their "treasures" 
{special sticks and flowers we simply couldn't leave behind}

04 :: walking out back to admire my newly planted herb garden.
mmm....fresh basil pesto....i can't wait!

05 :: a handyman and husband, all in one.
i have never needed to make that man a honey-do list...and i must say, it's quite nice.

what's making you happy today?


Hil said...

That is just about the most precious picture ever! I love your five things that are making you happy. Life is making me happy today.

Hannah said...

I love that my semester officially ended. phew. What was I thinking going back for a 2nd bachelor's? ha!

We're going to celebrate by taking a family trip down south. Can't wait to feel some of your beautiful warm air.