morning, sunshine.


she wakes with a smile when the first morning light peeks through her bedroom window.

she is genuinely thrilled to see me when i come in to greet her.

we have a little chat about how she slept as i hold her close and kiss her forehead.

her wild hair tickles my face.

we crack open the shutters and look for birds.

she points with a crooked little finger and makes her adorable little version of a bird chirping.

she has no idea how much joy this sweetly simple morning routine brings her mother.

i can only hope that someday, she will have the opportunity to experience the same thing.


Hannah said...

So sweet, Jill. Mornings really are the best as a mother. You're little one is so adorable.

Hil said...

This is just the best. You are such a wonderful mother. It is those little moments that mean the most, isn't it? Her hair looks just like mine does in the morning. But she sports it much cuter than I do! She is just so stinking cute!

lynette said...

oh my! my favorite pic is the fourth one--her cuteness overflows! what a sweetie!

Chanda said...

so precious! i could use some of her happiness in the morns!

Gisela said...

I will bookmark this to open it and start my day with a smile. Morning kids are great when they're babies. Adorable as bedhead schoolage kids. Not so great as grumpy teens :)