it's kind of a big deal.

i've know him for sixteen.

been in love with him for eleven.

and married to him for TEN. 

one whole decade.

woah, mama.

i vividly remember being a newlywed and getting to know the families in our ward.
one of our neighbors was a lovely couple with three young children. 
they had been married for ten years.
and we thought, dude...they're old.
like, super old.

they drive a minivan.
she's on the PTA board.
he's losing his hair.
she bakes stuff, scrapbooks and teaches Relief Society.
fuddy-duddys...for sure.

we'll never be that lame.

au contraire.

we're like thiiiiis close to pulling the trigger on a minivan.

i know.
{hangs head in shame}

but, you know what?

things change.

and if you're married to the right one, they change for the better.
life experiences deepen your bond.

the first home you purchase, together
the first time you feel your baby kick, together.
the first time you ruin dinner...to...get...errr...okay, that was all me.
the first time you buy a car seat, together.
the first time you gaze into your newborn baby's eyes, together.
the first time you stare at each other, bleary-eyed at 2am, while you care for a screaming newborn, together.
first smiles, first steps, first words...
a second pregnancy,
and a third.
you do it, together.

and your love grows in ways you never thought possible.

man, i feel lucky to be so loved.
happy anniversary, baby.

bring on the next decade...



lynette said...

It IS a big deal! Congratulations and happy anniversary!

Chanda said...

high Five for Ten!

icecreamtomarathon said...

Happy anniversary! What beautiful wedding pictures. Love the one of you both laughing!

allybench said...

Yay!! Congrats! Ten is a huge deal. Such a wonderful milestone and what s beautiful tribute. And minivans are awesome!