here, have some cheese with your lunch.

in the spirit of thanksgiving,
i simply cannot allow this season to come and go without mentioning 
the one thing i am most grateful for.


this guy.

he's honestly the best thing that ever happened to me.
you know the kind of people who make other people better, just by being around them?
he's that kind of person.

his awesomeness just kinda rubs off on you.

he never sets limits on what is possible.
he's not afraid to dream big.
and do bigger.

i've never met anyone who works as hard as he does, without complaint.
and it doesn't matter what the assignment is, he just gives it everything he has. 
and then some.
which, i believe, is the secret to his success.
it's one thing to set goals for yourself,
and another thing, entirely, to work your guts out to accomplish those goals.

another thing i love?
he sees the potential for greatness in others, long before they ever do.
he has this incredible way of bringing out the best in people.

it is truly a gift.

a gift that i am grateful for.

he believes in me.
way more than i believe in myself.

he motivates me, but in the best kind of way.
the way that makes you believe it was your idea all along. 
he has shown me that i am capable of so much more than i ever thought possible.

he's basically way more than i deserve.

but, since i've got him.

i'm holding on tight.



Diane N. said...

Sweet :-)

lynette said...

sounds like you caught a good one! i'm sure he feels the same way about you!