Seven Totally Random Facts about Me

1. I wear socks to bed every night (occasionally, when it's 118 degrees outside...I'll give 'em a breather)

2. I don't watch American Idol (((gasp)))!!!!

3. The three things I dislike the most in this world are: raisins, spiders & ironing

4. My organizational skills border on OCD and I never forget anything I see (names, numbers, dates, birthdays, addresses...)

5. I don't have a middle name

6. I have a serious obsession/passion for shoes, clothes, cosmetics and cute paper (no joke, I have at least a dozen packages of adorable "thank you" notes that I just couldn't pass up).

7. My idea of the perfect day would begin with breakfast in bed from my hot hubby. Then off to a waiting private jet bound for New York City where I would spend the entire day shopping at all the best clothing stores. Oh, did I mention that I would be shopping with one of Oprah's credit cards of course! For lunch...all you can eat sushi and Dr. Pepper. Resume shopping. Break for a massage, a mani and a pedi at a swanky day spa. Resume shopping. Dinner.....a repeat of lunch. Then, the best part... come home to my handsome husband and my two adorable kids. Kiss them all goodnight and sleep in my own bed. Hey, a girl can dream........right?

Okay, I tag: Any of my blogging buddies who haven't done this one yet - have fun!


Natalie said...

Can I join you on your perfect day? I have never had sushi, but I am willing to give it a try.

Kehl Family said...

Are you me????? LOVE IT!!!