my house is sparkling.

but not in a good way.

yesterday: dry erase markers + magic erasers

today: red crayon + lip gloss + an entire container of gold glitter.

i don't even want to talk about it.

let's just say that until the day we move from this home...there will be gold glitter found in places.

so many places.


koodeker said...

haha. are you crazy to even have gold glitter in your house?? that is like a ticking time bomb! how could mitchell resist?? too funny!

Jill said...

i took sydney to the dollar store for a special "first day of preschool" present and that was the ONE thing she really wanted....so i caved and bought it for her knowing in the back of my mind something like this would be the result.

my bad.


lynette said...

oh no! and right after your dry erase marker debacle. could it get any worse? i'm hoping for your sake--no!