the greatest gift.

i can't begin to tell you how much i love this idea...

last year a bunch of our friends came up with this fantastic alternative to the traditional "neighbor gifts." they created this clever little poem, attached it to a red envelope and delivered one to every home in our neighborhood.

so, rather than purchasing or making goodies for all your neighbors, you simply put the money you would have spent {or whatever amount you can afford to give} into the envelope. everyone brings their sealed envelope and a plate of cookies to share and we sip hot chocolate and visit with each other while the kids play.

it's a wonderful opportunity to teach your children about the spirit of giving. after we explained what we were doing and why, sydney wanted to donate some of her very own money to help the cause. we were so proud of her decision to help and she got to feel the warmth in her heart that comes from giving to those in need.

a win-win indeed.

have a great gift idea you'd like to share? please do.

i'd love to hear about your family holiday traditions!


Natalie said...

Sound like a great idea. We do something similar in our neighborhood, but instead of money we drop off new toys to be donated. I think I like the money idea better, though. It's just easier. And our little get together is held outdoors with hot chocolate, so it's too cold to really stay and chat with neighbors.

Your family is lovely.

Diane N. said...

Yay! Simple and useful. Two of my favorite words. :-)

Chanda said...

Did a fun gift exchange at a work party a few yrs ago...We drew names and the object was to buy a toy that reminded you of that person (interests, hobbies, personality, etc.) When we exchanged, it was hilarious to see what everyone came up with. I then took all the new toys to a Toys For Tots drop-off.

Your neighborhood idea is awesome!

Steph said...

it was a success again! I love that we do this. :)

ps. still thinking about your awesome scarf!

Roberts Fam said...


Cherie said...

I LOVE this and will be featuring it on my blog today! http://www.pinklittlenotebook.blogspot.com/

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing!

Anna said...

What a wonderful idea. So much more useful for most people. Unfortunately, we have zero dollars this year. We do, however, have a fully stocked pantry and craft bin. This year I want to do something for our neighbors, especially the one we just found out about the husband recovering from a heart attack. We shoveled the snow off their driveway, but we want to do some more things since all of our new neighbors are so nice. Classy homemade will be the name of the game, but I am wary about making something unhealthy. So hard to know what people you don't know will like.