right now my master bathroom is coated in body wash {the ugly result of an unattended two year old boy}.

my kids' rooms look like a toy bomb just went off.

it's 4:16pm and i haven't even thought about dinner.

in fact, i still haven't cleaned up breakfast.

i showered at 2pm {but, hey at least i showered}.

i have an ever growing list of design requests from clients that i'm trying to work through.

and yet, strangely, i find time to blog about my predicament.

what's wrong with this picture?


a pina colada said...

Ha!ha! I feel like I have that problem every day! How do I balance it all? I wonder if I'll ever figure it out! Love your designs! I just had some blog/call cards made and I wish I had known about you! I'll have to have you do some stuff in the future! I have a giveaway going if you'd like to win a Thomas Paul nest pillow. www.apinacolada.blogspot.com

Jill said...

thanks for saying "hi" - just entered your giveaway...fingers crossed!

NATALIE said...

ahhh the life of a mother! At least we are all in it together right?!

Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty normal to me! Better to blog and vent then be cranky when your husband comes home. ;)