put on your thinking caps.

i just can't stop thinking about the unspeakable suffering going on in haiti.

i want to do something.

something tangible.

and my thoughts keep turning to the power of the RS organization. perhaps we could plan a day where we could assemble hygiene kits, tie quilts...whatever we can do to help.

we belong to the largest charitable womens' organization on the planet, let's put our heads {and our hearts} together and do something great!



Anonymous said...

The church humanitarian aid group has said the greatest need right now is for full size quilts, so tie some quilts!

Steph said...

this thursday for activity days we are making fleece blankets to send there (carrie hench's idea) you are more than welcome to join us. it would be fun and your kids can come. or we could definately make some of our own on another day.

i think each rs woman should adopt an orphan from there. i want to! ;) they are gorgeous babies!

Jill said...

natalie: a quilting bee is now in the planning stages. thanks for the info...very helpful, as usual :)

steph: count me in, where and what time?

Jill said...

steph: don't even tempt me to adopt a beautiful haitian child...i would in a heartbeat!

jfishmag said...

Do you think people would want to get together on Monday night for FHE and put together some hygiene kits? We could all meet at the church and assemble them in no time at all. I looked up what all is supposed to go in them.

Jill said...

jill: i think that's a fabulous idea!

i'm also waiting to hear back from connie z. about getting the quilting bee going. i'll keep you posted!