mine is ironing.

what's your very least favorite household chore?

i detest ironing.

i've never liked it.

in fact, i like paper cuts and going to the dentist more than i like ironing.

i'd almost rather eat a raisin, almost rather touch a spider or almost rather listen to nothing but barry manilow on my ipod for a week straight than spend just one minute ironing.

a bit dramatic you say?

i suppose.

but i'm just trying to paint you a picture of how much i dislike ironing.

oh, and this memorable little incident certainly didn't help either.

so there, now you know.

your turn.


Jill said...

My least favorite is cleaning the bathrooms!

Also, I don't iron. That's my husband's job. I have too many random burn marks on my arms from ironing- Like my UPPER arms. How weird is that?

These Are The Days said...

Hard to decide. I don't like ironing either. I rarely do it because Kimball's so particular and so I got a free card from that the first year of our marriage.

I guess I'd have to say mopping floors.

Anonymous said...

Ironing is mine too. I don't mind anything else but that. I flatly refuse to do any ironing for my husband, but I will iron for the kids if wrinkle releaser won't do the trick. I have clothes in my closet that haven't been worn in years because they're too wrinkled, and I won't iron them. ha!

Steph said...

cleaning my shower

Jill said...

jill: iburn marks on your upper arm huh? that's almost as weird as having the iron fall on your face! ha!

jess: floors are next in line after ironing for me too!

nat: oh my gosh! i thought i was the only one who would honestly choose what to wear based on whether or not i had to iron it! :) too funny!

steph: i totally knew you'd say that! i remember you telling me how much you hate that job!

christensen crew said...

oh me too! can not and will not do that chore! kelley can vouch for the fact that i will go to serious lengths to outsource it!!!!

Heidi and Judd said...

Oh I hate ironing! I'd rather do anything else then iron too!!

Jill said...

katie: i seem to recall hearing stories about your laundry outsourcing! can't say that i blame you my friend! :)

heidi: seriously, anything but ironing!

Elise said...

For me it is putting away the dang clothes. Don't mind sorting, washing, moving to the dryer, or even sorting and folding. It is just getting it to the bedrooms. Good thing I have kids that have to put away their clothes. Too bad I can't get Chris to do it : D On the other hand, I guess I DO get pretty well paid to be his laundress...

Jill said...

e: i sometimes have little piles of clean, folded kid clothes that sit on top of my dresser for days and days! :)

Julie said...

Jill I have to say that it is definitely my least favorite chore. In fact I gave it up. I told my husband he could pay me to do them or take them to the cleaners. My price was a little high so now I have others do them for me. Definitely worth it.

NATALIE said...

I feel your pain...I can seriously spend 10 minutes ironing a shirt and it looks the same as before I started. Britt knows ironing is his job, and he's pretty good at it too! Maybe you should Just pass that task onto Mark :)
My least favorite is cleaning showers though...uggg

ALI said...

I am right there with ya. Happy to to give my hard earned cash to the dry cleaner because it means I didn't have to spend one second ironing. HATE it!

Jill said...

julie: in nearly seven years of marriage i've NEVER ironed ONE of my husbands shirts!

thank you malibu cleaners.

it's the size 2T button-down dress shirts that come out of the drier all wadded up in a five inch ball that get me!

natalie: marc's actually really good about ironing his own stuff simply because he knows that's the only way it'll ever get done!

ali: ahhh, i'd be a RICH woman if i'd just buck up and quit complaining. but i'm with you, i'm more than happy to pay someone else to do my dirty work!

sheena said...

oh no!!! People still iron?? Do I even no where my iron is?? no.

I guess I don't like it either.