i took the pledge...will you?

i caught the tail end of oprah today and couldn't help but think of how well-timed this episode was.

the show was about the devastating consequences of texting while driving {which i am proud to say is something i just don't do}.

saturday morning my father-in-law was involved in a major car accident. the other driver, a teenage boy, was texting while driving. and because of his poor choice, my father in law suffered five fractured ribs, a punctured lung and several staples were required to close a head wound.

fortunately, he will recover.

but, too many innocent lives have been lost and i very much appreciate oprah shining the spotlight on this entirely preventable problem.

i took the pledge to not drive distracted, will you?


minerfam said...

I also pledged today. It was a horribly sad show, a great reminder of how bad the consequences of driving while distracted can be. Hope your father in law has a quick recovery!

Chanda said...

i'm sorry to hear about your F in L! Hope he recovers quickly! Texting while driving makes me furious...i honk, i flip-off...i let drivers know i don't appreciate it! So I will pledge!! It's easy, leave your cell phone where you can't hear it while you drive, and check it when you arrive at your destination!

Jill said...

danalee: thanks for the well-wishes!

chanda: sheesh, i know! who do people think they are endangering the lives of others by driving distracted? stats say texting while driving makes you 8 times more likely to crash than if you were just paying attention like you should be!