i've been changing up my workout routine a bit thanks in part to some encouragement from my fitness crazed husband and my boredom with what i've been doing.

i mean how many times can i watch beyonce shake her goodies on VH1 while mindlessly going in circles on the stupid elliptical machine?


so i've branched out a bit and introduced spin, weight training and cardio circuit into my regimen.

now my body hurts.



i guess that's a good thing, right?

now, if i could just get a handle on my calorie consumption, i might actually see some real results.

what's your favorite way to get sweaty?

{keep it clean folks, this is a family blog after all}!


Melanie said...

Hey Jill, sorry...I'm also in need of some new workout ideas! The only thing I ever do is walk on the treadmill and I dont think its working because I seem to be getting fatter! Anyway, why do u even workout? If I was as naturally skinny as you I would sit on the couch and eat chocolate all day! I will be checking back for some new workout ideas!

These Are The Days said...

Hey Jill,

First off, if I had your body I'd never worry about calories or workouts. However, since I can look at a donut and gain 5 pounds, current favorite is running. Of course there are funner ways to work up a sweat and I like that too. ;)

Jill said...

mel + jess: fortunately i do have good genetics and a fast metabolism on my side. and THANK HEAVENS for that since i sorely lack discipline when it comes to my diet. i guess my main goal for working out is to feel as strong and healthy as i can!

NATALIE said...

Zumba all the way! I use to dread working out, but since I have found Zumba and got a gym membership, I actually look forward to going. On days when I really want to get sweaty, I run, which is okay, but not near as fun as shaking my booty at Zumba.

Julie said...

I always hate that anticipation of working out, but always love the feeling after I finish a good workout! Favorite as of lately Turbo Jam, I'm just a little obsessed with it.

Jill said...

Nat: where do you go to do zumba? i wanna come! i took syd to the kids zumba class at d. palms this week and it looked like so much fun! let me know!

julie: oh, i'm right there with you. when my alarm goes off at 5:35am, i think of every excuse to just turn it off and stay in my warm bed. but it does feel good to just do it and be glad you did!

Petit Elefant said...

I have been running, only because I'm accountable for this blogger relay race I'm running in May. But it really does shape my body in a way nothing else does...

Jill said...

allison: hey! nice to hear from you again...it's been a while :) running a relay race eh? proud of ya! i must say, running is near the bottom for me...ugh. i've always admired runners, i'm just not sure it's my thing! so, when's the race?

sheena said...

Jill! hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

run. run run run. only way to balance out all the eating I do:)