over the weekend we had the most delightful, unseasonably cool weather.

so we had our windows open.

a lot.

which was awesome.

what's not so awesome though is what happened last night as a result.

as i was sleeping peacefully,
some sort of flying creature was buzzing around my ear 
and i woke up in a panic, arms flailing and screamed to husband, 
"there's a bug trying to lay eggs in my ear!!!"

he mumbled, "i don't hear anything...just try to go back to sleep"
{my hero}
good thing the house wasn't on fire...geez.

so, i pulled the covers over my head and tried to fall back asleep.

and apparently i did, because the next thing i remember was waking up
again in a panic, this time screaming, "now it's trying to fly up my nose!!!"

at that point, i grabbed my pillow and bee lined it {no pun intended} to the couch.
and there, i slept soundly the rest of the night.....bug free.

however, now husband thinks i'm nuts and there's a decent chance 
that i may be an unwilling surrogate to some sort of pesky insects' offspring.

so, keep a close eye on me in the coming weeks...
and if i start making buzzing sounds,
do us both a favor and zap me with some bug spray.



Natalie said...

my nose itched just reading this. I can think of little worse than hearing a mosquito as I'm falling asleep.

Brooke said...

Baah hahahahaha! whatever you do...don't go towards the light. It won't be a happy ending. ZAP!!