check me out.

look ma!

i sewed something.

it may not look like much, but i'm quite proud of my new little scripture bag.
especially considering i haven't touched a sewing machine since middle school.

last night for our RS meeting, we learned how to make these out of a placemat + a napkin.
{thanks for sharing paige!}

we have somewhat of a seamstress extraordinaire in our ward 
who was willing to share her talents with the rest of us non-seamstress types.
{thank you tami!}

i couldn't believe how anxious i was about making that first seam.
then someone said, "don't be scared...it's just like driving, only there are needles involved."
{which immediately put me right at ease...ha!}

anyway, once i got over my fear of the unknown...
i really started having fun!

we were all laughing and having a good time.
and it was nice to know i wasn't the only mormon woman 
who doesn't know how to sew!

i'm pretty well-known to most my friends for not having 
the most awesome "domestic" skills in the world.
as evidenced in this previous post.
so, some thought it would be funny to capture me sewing on camera...

mostly because anyone not in attendance would never
believe i actually created something functional with a sewing machine!

so just humor me, would ya...

if you can't tell...i'm kinda proud of my new skills!



Anonymous said...

I love that fabric! Awesome job! I am impressed.
I don't have the slightest ability to work a sewing machine, which is weird since I can kick trash with just a needle and thread...makes no sense!

lynette said...

it looks great! bravo! and i've never noticed until now how much you look like victoria beckham!!!

Diane N. said...

Woo-hoo! Very cute! Glad you had a good experience, how cute to get it on video. Next thing ya know, grandma T. will be going to computer classes (not!).

The Lund's said...

Good old Eastmont and the sweet gym bags we made in Home Ec. I remember those well. Not bad for a 20 year hiatus from sewing. I bought a sewing machine 2 years ago thinking I was going to start making stuff... I used it once. Good job on the scripture tote!

Heidi and Judd said...

Wow, so impressed! I wanna learn! you'll have to share your new sweet sewing skills with me!

Demarcus Family said...

Ok. I am so jealous! I PLANNED that Enrichment night. It was my idea since I do not even know how to sew a button on something. ( although not to make scripture bags.. just to sew SOMETHING!)Little did I know if would land on my birthday and for some reason my family insisted we go out :)
You did awesome!!!!

Elise said...

Darling. just. like. you.

Nick and Paige said...

Oh Jill! You have amazing needle driving skills!!
It was so fun to giggle and 'bond' with you over our sewing adventure!

The Venutis said...

LOVE it! I want a stylish scripture case. And I'm right there with you on the fear of sewing thing.