higher ground.

as you may have gathered from previous posts,
it gets a little toasty around these parts during the summertime.
which often prompts us to head for higher ground in search of cooler air.

our most recent excursion took us through zion national park,

the kids had a blast hunting for treasures
{and by treasures, i mean "Y"- shaped sticks and unique-looking rocks},
playing and splashing in the chilly water 
and taking in the scenery.

the wildflowers were at their peak and were simply breathtaking....
little happy pops of color as far as the eye could see.
the best part for me?
getting to experience what 72 degrees feels like again.

because, as you can see, once we got back home...
it was no longer 72 degrees.

it was the perfect little escape.

with my three favorite people in the world.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE cedar mountain! I feel so blessed to have a place we can go up there when it's 200+ degrees down here.

Meeks said...

I can't believe how hot it gets over there!!

We don't get a super hot summer over here, and we don't get snow over winter.

If a New Zealander went over to a State in America where the climates were extreme, they would probably melt or freeze!

Diane N. said...

Nice! Glad you had a nice escape. I'm sure the summer heat can drive you MAD!

Steph said...

that sounds like so much fun!

Elise said...

Family adventures are the best!