this feels weird.

i realize most mothers my age are seasoned pros at stuff like;

soccer practice
PTA meetings
back to school nights
student/teacher assessments
and other mother-of-school-age-children-stuff.

however, as this week has whizzed by and all things PTA 
and school have been introduced to me...
i feel like such a rookie.

this is a new phase of life and an exciting one at that...
but it's definitely going to take a little getting used to.

that's all.


Elise said...

You'll do great! It is a bit overwhelming though... I hear ya sister.

Steph said...

U are being "baptised by fire" with all the PTA stuff we have thrown at u. U are amazing and will be a pro in no time! Side note: your comment on my blog made me cry in the middle of the x-ray waiting room. I love u SO much jilly!!

Hilary said...

I had a friend who said it was like going back to high school, and in some ways it's very similar. :)
Good luck, it's actually a lot easier then high school. :)

Roberts Fam said...

You have it so together Jill you will be great

The Venutis said...

:) I felt a little strange, and kinda inadequate signing up for PTA...definitely feeling like a rookie!

Kerrian said...

CONGRATS Jill ~ I am so happy for you guys!!!! I feel the same way!!! Wow what a crazy week last week was! I was so happy for Labor day :)