little things.

five little things that made me smile today:

sending sydney to school with her dad this morning for the "doughnuts with dads" event.
snuggling with mitchell in bed watching "special agent oso" together.
grabbing a diet dr. pepper with pebble ice at my local convenience store.
finishing the last of my thank you notes from Christmas.
watching husband out my front window {as i type this} working in the yard...
he loves working in the yard. and i like that he likes it!


my five little things.

what little things made you happy today?


Mr. and Mrs. Hashimoto said...

i need to call you sometime. I think you have to be the cutest mom and wife ever. i wish we lived close together. i wish brock and i could come and hold your baby when it comes. we sure miss you guys and think about you lots. we hope all is well. let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys.

p.s. this post is one of the many little things that made me happy!

These Are The Days said...

You're making me want to chew on some pebble ice.

My little thing was having lunch w/ my Sophia at Einstein Bagels...kind of a throw back, hadn't been there forever and it was so good.

Have a great week Jilly Bean!

Silver Strands said...

Ahhh ... nice to hear about little happy things.
I got 5 little good bye kisses today. That makes me happy!